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Visit our new Little Big Books website!

POTTY PARTY is now available on iBooks, Kindle, Kobo and Nook! MOON MOON will be available shortly on iBooks and Kindle.

BLANKIE, SUNFLOWER and TEENY GREEN, will be ready soon after that.

Thank you for your patience with this long journey and roll out. It has not been easy. But we believe that the final product has been worth waiting for.

Come and visit us. Check out our TODDLER REVIEW section. We hope to have many videos and pictures of toddlers, enjoying a Little Big Book. We will post them with pride.

Little Big Books! Big ideas for little people...

It's HERE!

Recently, two talented musicians, Allison McCready and Carey Beare, of Los Angeles, and I, launched a musical e-books for toddlers project. Our company is called LITTLE BIG BOOKS (Big Ideas for Little People!)

POTTY PARTY, our first book, a musical romp through toilet training, is already available for purchase. Click here to see, hear, and buy it.

Now, we have completed and created musical videos for the next four books: BLANKIE, MOON MOON, TEENY GREEN and SUNFLOWER! These will shortly be available for purchase on a new, improved Little Big website that we are about to launch.

We are looking for a creative partner to help us take our books to the next level, and to assist with marketing. This will enable us to devote all of our creative energies to the creation of the next books in the series.

Our current plan is to offer our musical e-books for $3.95 apiece. You'll be able to download them onto your computer or hand held devices, and play them for your toddler as often as you like.

WE'RE EXCITED ABOUT THIS PROJECT! Check it out. Let us know what you think.

Below, are a few samples of the artwork that goes with the series.

Potty PartyPotty Party
Potty Party Sample Illustration: Spread Four!Potty Party Sample Illustration: Spread Four!
Moon, Moon.Moon, Moon.
Teeny Green Teeny Green
New BabyNew Baby
Work, Work!Work, Work!