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Legendary Goddess greeting cards, including Egyptian and Greek goddesses.

In ancient times, the Goddess provided a way for worshipers, both male and female, to connect with the Divine Feminine. Her devotees, in different cultures around the world, sought her protection, provision, and guidance.

The great Mother Goddesses, whose memory remains embedded in our collective unconscious, despite thousands of years of neglect and repression, all embody the vital principle that we are interconnected. Of one common substance. And that we mistreat or abuse one another, the world, or any of its creatures, at great peril to the fabric of life.

Goddess Cards attempts, not just to offer beautiful images of a few of these Legendary Goddesses, but to tell their stories as well. The stories are told in the central image of each card, in the borders surrounding them, and in the written story on back. They must not be forgotten.

The Goddess, in all her permutations, has relevance and critical life lessons to teach the Modern Goddess of today. Truly, every woman is a goddess!

Set of 18 Legendary GoddessesSet of 18 Legendary Goddesses
YOU'RE a goddess!YOU'RE a goddess!
Demeter Demeter
# 1045$2.00
Persephone Persephone
# 1072$2.00
Isis Isis
# 1059$2.00
Kuan YinKuan Yin
# 1060$2.00
Aphrodite Aphrodite
# 1061$2.00
Gaia Gaia
# 1062$2.00
Athena Athena
 Brigid Brigid
# 1065$2.00
May QueenMay Queen
# 1066$2.00
Bast Bast
# 1070$2.00
Oshun Oshun
# 1071$2.00
Ostara - Goddess of SpringOstara - Goddess of Spring
Inanna #1088$2.00
Spa GoddessSpa Goddess
Spa Goddess #1075$2.00
Skadi, Goddess of WinterSkadi, Goddess of Winter