Links and Resources

In this section, I've added links to websites that provide women with information on health, fashion, gifts, art, and lifestyle.

I also have links to resources for the treatment of eating, body, and self-esteem issues. Many women are afflicted with poor self-image, at least partly because they have bought into media-generated ideals of "perfection." Goddess Cards tries to combat such hurtful ideas through our staunch belief that ALL women are beautiful, and that every woman is a goddess in her own right. Our images reflect that belief.

We recognize, however, that our cards can only hold a loving mirror up to women. Sometimes, more help and support is needed. For that reason, you'll find a number of links to centers for the treatment of eating and self esteem issues.

We're honored that a growing number of such organizations have asked to link with us, believing that our card line is supportive and affirming of women.

If you would like to link with GODDESS CARDS, and have a site that promotes wellness and self-esteem in women, please Email us at'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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