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This is a small line of cards for women who want to celebrate the men in their lives. Two of them are ancient, but powerful male gods: The Green Man, and Herne, the Hunter. Two of them affirm special qualities in their men that contemporary women love. Surfer Dad and Daddy's Hands are new, exclusive ecards.

Gods for the Goddess Set (5-card set)Gods for the Goddess Set (5-card set)
The Green ManThe Green Man
Herne, the HunterHerne, the Hunter
Herne, the Hunter #1091$2.00
A Special Man...A Special Man...
A Special Man... #1092$3.00
Safe in LoveSafe in Love
Safe in Love #1093$2.00
Surfer DadSurfer Dad
Daddy's HandsDaddy's Hands
All You Need is Love!All You Need is Love!