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Inspirational art and words of affirmation for the beautiful women in your life.

Our greeting card line, with its positive affirmations, offers a range of perfect inspirational gifts for women. Celebrate the gypsy, inspire the "go girl" and acknowledge miracles, even the small ones, with our unique greeting note cards designed for the goddess in each one of us.

Affirmations for Real Women ( 8-card set)                                                                                    Affirmations for Real Women ( 8-card set) This 8-card set affirms and celebrates Real Women in all their glory.

#2003 $12.00
Small MiraclesSmall MiraclesSmall miracles are all around us. The perfection of a single leaf, or of a special, unique woman...

You Go, Girl! You Go, Girl! You GO, girl! Shake it!

Moon Goddess Moon Goddess Moon, moon, Moon Goddess . . . shine on me.

Gypsy Heart Gypsy Heart I love your gypsy heart . . . and dancing spirit.

The Three Graces The Three Graces Lovely, luscious, opulent we . . . filled with grace and harmony. Who can resist?

Yoga MamaYoga MamaYou constantly amaze me! Is there anything you can't do?

You Can Do It!You Can Do It!A women crosses a tightrope and gets to the other side. You can do it too! You were born to conquer challenges. A Golden Goddess Limited Edition Card.

# 1076$2.00
Lush!Lush!A lush beauty mirrors the beauty of the world she loves. She's gorgeous!

Lush! #1089$2.00