Click to enlarge<b>GREAT WOMEN OF THE BIBLE</b>

This set celebrates four women from the Old Testament: Eve, Ruth, Queen Esther, and Makeda, Queen of Sheba. Cards are blank, but every image is framed by a border depicting the life of each woman. On the back of each card is her story and Biblical reference. The qualities these Biblical heroines embody have been handed down to countless generations of women. We are all daughters of Eve, Ruth, Makeda and Esther.

Click to enlarge# 1085 Women of the Bible Set (4-card set)
Eve, Mother of All the Living.Eve, Mother of All the Living.
Eve, the Mother of all Living Things, was curious, nurturing, and deeply loving. She embodies the eternal feminine.

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Makeda: Queen of ShebaMakeda: Queen of Sheba
Makeda, Queen of Sheba, was an archetypal Woman of Spirit, who was true to herself and to her people.

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Ruth teaches us about the triumph of steadfast love over poverty, obscurity, and the stigma of being a foreigner.

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Queen EstherQueen Esther
Esther was a beautiful and beloved queen who is regarded as the savior of her people.